Progress Sports entered two teams into the ‘USA 94 Rewind Power League Tournament’ on Wednesday night and both chose to play as Italy and Germany. The Knock Out competition was made up of 10 teams representing different businesses throughout Liverpool.

Team Italy won the Final on penalties. See the final footage of the boys bring the cup home

Team Italy
Team Progress Italy:
Mark Aston – Marko Astonnesta
John Corby – John Emre Can-Corborini
Thomas Hughes – Tomasi Ravanelli Hughesio
Jake Worrall – Jake Franco Warrio
Josh Brizell – Josh Baggio Brizzeli
Josh Essery – Josh Zola Esserio

Team Germany
Team Progress Germany:
Ryan Moore – Billzeebear Moouller
Danny Shapcott – Daniel Hasslehoff Shapplehoff
Mark Head – Marcus Headinoff
Callum Sanders – Callum Sallsweinsteigeburger
Tim Khan Cavanagh
Sean Matthaus O’Brien