Progress Sports have been delivering sports coaching and training across the North West since 2001. We are accredited to deliver a range of qualifications in sport, recreation and allied occupations for learners aged 14 to 19 years.

We offer sport apprenticeships and give learners valuable hands on experience and employment opportunities.

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around the needs of employers, which lead to national recognised qualifications.

We employ both Intermediate and Advanced Sports Apprentices who will undertake a Sport qualification framework at Level 2 and or Level 3.

During the course your tutor will complete a DBS/CRB check and will organise an interview with the apprenticeship team. They will advise you on how they will support you in gaining an apprenticeship place.

Universities now accept apprenticeships as an alternative to A-levels. We have guaranteed interviews lined up for students who finish the Level 3 courses and want to continue their qualifications in sport at a higher level.

We have many examples from previous students who have gone on to university. 

What do I need to be an apprentice

  • Coaching experience

  • Ability to lead multi sport sessions

  • Excellent timekeeping

  • Strong communication skills

  • Independently adapt sessions

If candidates fall short of the experience or standard, we have a short course to get the skills and experience needed to then access the apprenticeship.

Type of jobs

  • Sports Apprentice
  • Football Coach
  • Coaching Assistant
  • PE Teacher
  • Sports Coordinator
  • Sports Coach 
  • Football
  • Physiotherapist 
  • Masseur 
  • Sports Administrator 
  • Sports Nutritionist 
  • Referee
  • Football Agent 
  • Football Analyst 

We work in association with Inspired Sports Events who guide the apprentices and place them into schools and centres across the north west.